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Wherever whoever lets live!

Oyeah is the latest in a line of connected music and creative arts websites from Ian Smith a long time innovator and explorer of all things old and new in music and related arts. A musician / sound engineer / manager / producer and activist to make the arts more accessible and promoting cross cultural access for everyone wherever they may beI You'll find agency sites here and free fact checked information sites to promote ease of access for creative arts professionals and support staff . You'll also find media services to promote yourselves whether artist or festival promoter and you'll also find my consultancy services ( yes its Ian writing this of course ) Finally I am also a UKVI ( United Kingdom Visas and Immigration ) registered sponsor for many years so I can issue Certificates of Sponsorship to artists of all sorts and their support staff for certain professions. These allow legal access to the UK for work purposes .. 

All in all I love music of all genres and why you'll find a very broad range of this within what we we do .. in every sense of the phrase "borders what borders" 

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